So grateful to have Katy’s cooking each week. I have Celiacs, which makes dining out and restaurants tricky. I love having my favorite take-out foods in the fridge, knowing they are 100% safe for me. Katy is a total delight! She’s totally professional, punctual, and talented. What’s not to love!! ❤️


I am beyond thrilled with Katy’s cooking. She contacted me right away, she is warm and professional and a terrific cook. Hiring ️her has made a huge difference in my family’s life. We are eating so much better and I am a lot less stressed out. I absolutely recommend her service.


Katy’s baked goods are absolutely amazing. After my husband tried one of her cookies, all he could say was ‘WOW…! The banana bread, cheddar cheese beer bread and focaccia were equally as delicious. I had to freeze half of everything or I’d definitely gain the Covid 19 people have talked about! Thank you Katy for the wonderful treats during these very challenging times.


The best cooking service I have ever experienced. Katy is a delight & an absolute expert. She is the best of the best! I’m a foodie and very picky when it comes to food. Her at home and from scratch cooked food is super delicious and healthy at the same time.

I’d recommend her 1,000%.


We are so enjoying our food! I cannot tell you how happy I am to have those {paleo} muffins. You are making a major difference in the quality of our lives right now. I wanted to make sure you knew that. Sending you lots of love!

-Kelly & Jeff

We live in Ohio, and were unable to go in person to help our Wisconsin-based relatives as one of them recovered from serious surgery. Katy was a God-send, visiting our relatives twice, making flavorful meals adapted to dietary restrictions. She is personable and very easy to work with…we scheduled everything via phone and email. She was helpful in making menu suggestions that fit with our relatives’ tastes. Above all, our relatives were thrilled with Katy and her culinary skills and creations. I would not hesitate to call Katy again and I highly recommend her!


Our first time using Katy and the meal was fabulous!


I would highly recommend getting bakery items from Katy’s Cooking Tonight. We had the pleasure of enjoying the Vanilla Chai Tea Pear Bread, which was so moist, dense and had a nice chai spice flavor. We also tried the Strawberry White Chocolate Mimi’s Petite Cookies and we were pleasantly surprised how the sweetness of the white chocolate was balanced by the tartness of the strawberries. Lastly, we had the Petite Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies which had the perfect amount of crunch and chewiness. Both cookies had excellent butteriness with just the right amount of saltiness to balance out the sweetness.


Katy was incredible. Not only was her food amazingly delicious, but she was able to help me out in a pinch (on less than 48 hours notice). I would highly recommend her!


I’ve had the pleasure of partaking of a number of Katy’s delicacies, mainly her bakery items. The salted caramel cupcakes were hands-down, The.Best.Cupcakes. I’ve ever had! I shamelessly hid the last two cupcakes from the kids and my gf, lol. The Oktoberfest cookies had the perfect soft texture with just a hint of the hops. Lastly, the Vanilla Chai Pear bread that I picked up yesterday is perfect for a dessert or breakfast, I can attest to from first hand experience! You can definately taste the sweet pear crunch along with the chai aroma. I do a fair amount of cooking and baking myself, but I will definitely be placing a Thanksgiving order for when my family comes to town next week!


Katy took the time to work with me to make my gift of a dinner for two customized and special yet affordable. I was told “The meal was DELICIOUS, Katy is an amazing friendly young woman”

I highly recommend Katy’s Cooking Tonight


My fiancé almost cried because he is a candy corn lover and was so happy to be eating Katy’s candy corn cookies. He says they are GREAT, and we will definitely be back for more sweets and treats!


Katy is fantastic!


WOW thank you Katy! ? Your muffins, cookies, and your preview Snickerdoodle bar were outstanding!! My Grandson loved the muffins !!!! I can’t wait to see what’s on your baking menu for next week !


Katy does an amazing job of creating delicious foods, based on her clients wants and needs! She is an amazing cook, and baker!!!

-Chris & Greg

Katy’s Cooking tonight is a perfect solution to get healthy meals on the table for you and your busy family! Katy does everything – planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning. All you have to do is go to her user friendly website and pick what you want. We loved the fact that there are Paleo and AIP options available and that you are able to choose organic or traditional grocery options or a combination.

We ordered 3 meals with sides that included 4 portions of each. When we got home our refrigerator was filled with tasty meals all portioned out with instructions on how to reheat each one. If not for the amazing aroma, we would have never known she was there as the kitchen was just as we left it in the morning. Each meal she made was delicious and very flavorful and she prepared each dish perfectly so that when re-heated it was just right, not overcooked. We found that the portion sizes were very generous so we were able to stretch them for more than 4 portions which was fantastic!

Bottom line… we could get used to this! Thank you Katy. PERFECT!

-Beth & Jen

Our experience was beyond Outstanding! Katy provided 3 flavors of cupcakes for my daughter’s graduation party. They looked as delicious as they tasted…moist, rich and full of scrumptious flavor. The cupcakes were the hit of the party. Both adults and teenagers raved over Katy’s cupcakes.

Katy was very professional and willing to work with us. She came up with a special recipe for Red Velvet cupcakes to surprise my daughter, since it is her favorite cake. Katy added a new twist with an Oreo on the bottom of the cupcake and a wonderful mini Oreo placed creatively on top of the frosting! So classy! My daughter cried, she was so pleased!


We were thrilled and delighted with our experience with Katy’s Cooking Tonight. As a busy working mother, to say it was as a treat to have someone come in and lovingly prepare not one, but two, homecooked meals is an understatement.

When we set up the appointment, we chose two entrees with the recommended sides. We chose the buffalo sweet potato and chicken (with roasted broccoli) and the deep dish taco bake with chips and guacamole as well as a fresh green salsa. Katy arrived with all of the groceries and equipment she needed to prepare meals. All of the ingredients were fresh and of the highest quality. She prepared the first meal as our dinner first, the baked the sweet potatoes and chicken, which filled our house with a wonderful aroma. As she was finishing up that meal, she prepared the deep dish taco bake for us to bake the following evening. The truly most impressive feat of the evening though was the preparation of the homemade salsa. She baked the tomatillos in the oven and used her super impressive industrial grade food processor to create a sauce that we not only used for the taco bake and as a dip for chips, but were able to put on everything else for the rest of the week.

Our children (4 and 6) are very picky eaters. While the buffalo sweet potato was not a big hit with them, they loved the taco bake (as did my husband and I). It was flavorful and rich, but not too overwhelming that the kids were turned off.

I would highly recommend Katy’s services to anyone that is looking for a great, fresh, quality meal(s) for you and/or your family. We definitely plan on having her back to our house!

-Jess & Matt

I hired Katy’s Cooking Tonight to make cupcakes for my son’s high school graduation party. They were the hit of the party! Many delicious flavors and oh so pretty. There were so many things for me to worry about that day, but dessert wasn’t one of them. I would highly recommend Katy’s Cooking Tonight, and will plan to use her again for parties in the future.


Katy is amazing….having her come to OUR home to cook fantastic meals was a great decision. She is very professional and incredibly talented. The meals she made for us were delicious-even the kids loved them! We are a busy family, both working full-time with kids in school. Katy’s Cooking Tonight is such a help for our hectic lifestyle. Katy does all of the shopping, cooking and even cleaning and arrives with everything she needs to prepare the meals. I would absolutely recommend Katy’s Cooking Tonight- trust me, you will NOT be disappointed!